Pre Order FAQ

No - Don't worry, our delivery planning team are working around the clock to arrange all pre orders as fast as they can. We kindly ask customers to please be patient and await to hear from us via telephone and email with further notice interns of delivery 

No - All of our products are held in physical stock, with lead times on expected shipping dates known to us well in advance. The only difference on a Pre Order item is that once we know the expected shipping date, we present this to our customers with the option to purchase in advance if they are certain on the item they require.

Yes - a Pre Order for an item is simply a guaranteed reservation of a product we know is arriving in stock soon. 

Our website is completely transparent with the current status of any given item, a product will either be in stock or available to Pre Order (which means we do know the confirmed shipping date for the next restock), or simply out of stock (which means we don't yet have the confirmed shipping date for the next restock).

For 'out of stock' items, we have an email alert system on each product which can be used to be notified immediately once an item is back in stock or available to Pre Order.

Given the wide range of products we offer, it is impossible to offer unlimited numbers of any specific product variant. We always restock in numbers taking customer demand into account, however at times the demand can outpace the rate we can restock on certain items. As a result, it is also possible for a Pre Order item to become out of stock if we sell through the entire allocation before the product arrives with us. In these instances, the email alert as mentioned above can also be used to be notified once a product becomes available again.

Yes - A Pre Order is a guaranteed reservation of your required item. As stated above, we do try to restock in line with demand, however on our more popular products, it is possible that none will actually hit open sale on our website once the stock has arrived with us. Ordering via Pre Order places you at the front of the queue for your desired item and guarantees delivery at the earliest opportunity. A Pre Order also removes any uncertainty on whether your required product will be available to buy for customers who wish to wait until an item is 'in stock'.

The checkout process is the same for a Pre Order item as it is for an 'in stock' item, with payment taken in full upon checkout completion. The option to Pre Order is available for customers who are certain on the item they wish to purchase and provides the security of knowing the order is locked in and the product is designated to their order once payment is made.

Yes - Should you no longer wish to proceed with a Pre Order purchase, all customers who have placed a Pre Order reserve the right to cancel at ANY time, for ANY reason and receive an immediate full refund.

Yes - If you wish to change to another product at any stage while awaiting your Pre Order, this can be done, however the item you wish to change to will be subject to the status of the desired product at the time of the request - ie if it is in stock, it can be dispatched on the next available route. If it is also a Pre Order item, it will be subject to the restock date advised at the time of the requested product amendment, which may have changed since the date the initial order was placed.

Please notify us of any change to the required shipping address for your order as soon as possible as this can also result in a change in your scheduled delivery window.

The expected delivery dates for all Pre Order items can be found on each product description. 

IMPORTANT - The shipping dates advised on the product description can change if there are multiple waves of Pre Orders within a given period of time. If the date advised on the product changes after you have placed your order, this DOES NOT mean you are now subject to the longer lead time. The new lead time is for new Pre Orders, your Pre Order date will be secured as stated at the time/date of order. Please try to keep hold of the initial Pre Order confirmation email you will receive as this will be the easiest point of reference if you are unsure at any stage when to expect your order.

Yes - Longer restock lead times on products are subject to a number of factors which our outside of our control. We do take these into account when offering Pre Order dates and as such, the most common change to an advised Pre Order shipping date is that your item will be dispatched a little sooner than advised (approx 1-2 weeks earlier). In rare circumstances, there can be shipping delays which can push back the expected shipping date (again by approx 1-2 weeks). In these circumstances we will update the due date on the product page. please be patient as contacting all pre order customers take time. Please check the product page for any upto date delivery times before contacting us for an update.

Yes; Only once the Pre Order is physically in stock - Each product, regardless of in stock/out of stock/Pre Order status will have reference to our standard delivery timeframes. Once you have placed a Pre Order, you will also receive a standard order confirmation email that will refer to this. Pre Order items are marked clearly as such, with expected shipping dates advised on each product description. Advised Pre Order shipping dates take precedence above our standard advised delivery times and in these cases, the standard delivery window advised applies AFTER the stock has been physically received by us, in line with the dates advised on each product.

Once the Pre Order item is in stock, the delivery process is then the exact same as it would be for any other item ordered on our website. 

As part of our free delivery service, we deliver all multiple item orders together, once all parts contained within the order are in stock. If your Pre Order also contains a currently in stock item, delivery will be made in full once the Pre Order delivery date has been met. If you have ordered multiple items with separate Pre Order dates, delivery will be made on the later advised delivery date once all items are in stock.

If you require quicker individual delivery of a multi item order, please contact us via email and we can arrange separate delivery of any items which are currently available to be delivered.

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